10x Recipes with kale (2024)

Kale is a real Dutch winter vegetable. The green cabbage variety is very healthy and in recent decades there has been a real hype in America to make 'Kale' recipes for a healthy lifestyle. We Dutch people usually enjoy this winter vegetable every year. And hype or not, with these 10 recipes with kale you can enjoy kale!

Why is kale so healthy?

Especially at this time of year we could use some extra vitamins for resistance and you can often see this in the vegetables of that particular season! For example, kale contains a lot of Vitamin C, even more than in an orange. And kale contains a lot of calcium, more than a glass of milk, which in turn contributes to good bones. Then your bones can also withstand a blow better if you go skating in this season 🙂 But with this real winter vegetable you can also prepare delicious kale recipes!

Making recipes with kale

However, many people have to get used to the taste of kale. The typical cabbage flavor combines very well in savory dishes, but it is a versatile vegetable that can be made tastier in several ways. Namely suitable for cooking, baking, stir-frying, frying (in batter), in a stew, raw in your smoothie and more. I have listed no fewer than 10 recipes with kale for you. From breakfast, lunch to dinner, but above all healthy, often vegetarian and deliciously flavored, so everyone will love kale.

10x Recipes with Kale

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1_ Kale Cake with Halloumi

This is a delicious onesavory tart with kale and halloumicheese. Thanks to the garlic and Mediterranean herbs, you have a taste explosion that you will not soon forget.

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2. Kale Quiche with cranberry compote

Awell-filled quicheis always a nice idea! Try making it with kale, pecan nuts and cranberry for a delicious winter twist! This recipe is a big favorite among our kale recipes on the site!

3. Flammkuchen with kale and pumpkin

Although the flammkuchen with creme fraiche, onion and bacon is the most famous, today you can make healthier variations with this German snack. Give it a tryflammkuchen with kale and pumpkinfor a delicious Dutch twist.

4. Kale Salad with pear and ham

In the Netherlands we sometimes have to get used to the idea of ​​eating kale as a salad, but in America it has been a real hit for years! Super healthy and this onekale salad with pear and hamtastes particularly good!

5. Kale Smoothie with blueberries

Green smoothies, on the other hand, have become an indispensable healthy breakfast! Thiskale smoothie with blueberriesis not only very tasty but certainly one of my personal favorites for recipes with kale.

6. Kale Stew with sweet potato

This winter stew recipe is one that you should definitely try at least once. A vegetarian recipe for Meatless Monday, for example, and this onekale stew with sweet potatogoes perfectly with salted feta cheese and hazelnuts. Yummie!

7. Roast beef sandwich with baby kale

Give your daily sandwich a healthier twist by topping your sandwiches with a portion of lettuce or other green leafy vegetables such as fresh spinach or baby kale. The latter in particular tastes delicious on a...Roast Beef Sandwhichwith truffle mayo.

8. Pasta with kale and roasted chestnut

This is deliciouspasta recipe with kalefor every day. The easy meal is paramount and by briefly frying kale and adding cheese or cream you can make a delicious vegetable sauce for the pasta.

9. Sweet potato fritters with kale

This famous onepotato cookiesfrom Tel Aviv actually go perfectly with Dutch kale! The best of both worlds, so to speak. Have you ever tasted these 'Latkes'?

10. Risotto with kale and peas

And finally, a Dutch twist, this time on an Italian classic! Try making this vegetarian onerisotto with kaleand peas and find out for yourself how versatile this leafy vegetable is!

Doesn't that all look great and tasteful? I hope that this has given you some tasty inspiration to get started with those super healthy onesKale.Let me know if you make any of these 10x kale recipes. In any case, enjoy your meal!

Greetings, Betty


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10x Recipes with kale (11)
10x Recipes with kale (2024)


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